Angles by The Strokes

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The Strokes           



Number of Discs


Track Listing

  1. Machu Picchu
  2. Under Cover Of Darkness
  3. Two Kinds Of Happiness
  4. You're So Right 
  5. Taken For A Fool
  6. Games
  7. Call Me Back 
  8. Gratisfaction 
  9. Metabolism
  10. Life Is Simple In The Moonlight



Is this it was penned by Julian Casablancas for the debut album of his band, The Strokes. The album Is this it was based on urban youth and was released in the year 2001. It has garnered critical acclaim as well as best-selling status across the globe. It was certified platinum in number of countries and had been in top 50 both in US as well as UK for weeks. The songwriter and vocalist Julian Casablancas wanted Is this it to sound like "a band from the past that took a time trip into the future to make their record". And it seems like The Strokes were able to achieve this. The critics have acclaimed Is this it as one of the best albums of the 21st century. They even went on to compare The Storkes with legendary band The Rolling Stones.

The idea behind during the recording was to understand everything that was happening in the current trends and then do exactly opposite of it. This concept was of the two band members namely Albert Hammond(guitarist) and Julian Casablancas (vocalist and songwriter). Most of the songs of Is this it were recorded just once to give the raw, live music kind of feeling. The Strokes did not want the songs to sound too perfect to be artificially recorded. The intention was to create something that would sound like the music playing on a vintage vinyl LP of a legendary band.

Is this it’s release was strategically planned out as The Strokes went on a spree of tours around the globe. First within Britain, then America and Canada and finally in Australia. The response in Australia was so over-whelming that The Strokes decided to release their album Is this it in Austalia first. Alongwith the songs and the success of The Strokes for their debut album Is this it, the album’s cover also made news. The cover was touted to be too explicit and controversial which is why it was replaced by another in US.

Is this it sounds pop-inflected, second-generation take on late-'70s New York punk, complete with raw, world-weary vocals, spiky guitars, and an insistently chugging backbeat. It’s worth a vinyl LP buy if you are looking for one.Vinyl LP of “Is this it by The Strokes” now available in India at The Revolver Club vinyl records store Mumbai. Buy a vinyl record online now. High Quality Vinyl Press available here.

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