Anthem Of The Sun by The Grateful Dead


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Anthem of The Sun


The Grateful Dead



Number of Discs


Track Listing

  1. That's It For The Other One 
  2. Cryptical Envelopement 
  3. Quadlibet For Tender Feet 
  4. The Faster We Go, The Rounder We Get 
  5. We Leave The Castle 
  6. New Potato Caboose 
  7. Born Cross-Eyed 
  8. Alligator 
  9. Caution


                  ‘Anthem of the Sun’, released in 1968, was the second studio album by the Grateful Dead and today it remains 287th on Rolling Stone’s top 500 greatest albums of all time.

                  However, this psychedelic rock album wasn’t easy to make. The band went through two studios, had their original producer quit in frustration, and continued to experiment with their sound until they reached perfection. In fact, the president of Warner Bros – the studio they finally worked with – was heard stating that this was perhaps the most ‘unreasonable’ project they’ve allowed themselves to be involved in. Fortunately for them, the ‘Anthem of the Sun’ was a success.

                  With songs such as ‘Alligator’, ‘That’s It For the Other One’, and many more, the album is a collage of psychedelic madness that was only spurred on by Tom Constanten. However, he would only formally join the band a little later. The album shows the incredible band in its formative years, and is a treasured product for any true fan.

                  With a music meant to transport you, it is best experienced through turntables. Fortunately for you, the vinyl LP of ‘Anthem of the Sun’ is now available in India at The Revolver Club vinyl record store, Mumbai. So why waste another second, buy the record online now! 

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