By The Way by Red Hot Chili Peppers


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By The Way


Red Hot Chili Peppers



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Track Listing

  1. By The Way 
  2. Universally Speaking 
  3. This Is The Place 
  4. Dosed 5:12
  5. Don't Forget Me 
  6. The Zephyr Song 
  7. Can't Stop 
  8. I Could Die For You 
  9. Midnight 
  10. Throw Away Your Television 
  11. Cabron 
  12. Tear 
  13. On Mercury 
  14. Minor Thing 
  15. Warm Tape 
  16. Venice Queen


Released in 1991, this album was a clear success with critics as well as the masses. It is their fifth studio album and the first one released with Warner Bros. Records.

Despite its obvious success, the creation of the album was all but a smooth road. Left without a drummer and guitarist in 1988, it involved a long search for people that had the perfect chemistry with the band. Moreover, the previous albums, which didn’t become the critics’ favourites, were also creatively restrictive for the musicians. And since an artist needs this more than anything, the band was soon in search of a new producer as well. Fortunately, everything seemed to fall into place, and the shooting and recording finally took place in the most magical location possible: Harry Houdini’s mansion. While both Smith and Frusciante felt the mansion was haunted, the latter thought that it housed were warm, friendly spirits. So cooped up in the surreal setting for 30 days straight, they created an album that reached Gold status in the USA in just two months. A little while later, it was a Platinum hit and has since gone Platinum seven times!

The hit singles, ‘Give it Away’ and ‘Under the Bridge’ reached the top 10. While the former track took a while to take off, the second song was an almost immediate success. Now, the album holds a position on innumerable ‘Best Of’ lists, has made its way into the ‘1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die’. It is even comfortably placed on Rolling Stone’s ‘500 Greatest Albums of All Time’!

So if you’d like to enjoy this incredible melody as it is meant to be, vinyl is the way to go. The vinyl LP of ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’ is finally available in India at The Revolver Club record store, Mumbai. So whether you love the band, their music, or the genre, it’s definitely a must-have for all. And the best part: you can buy the record online now!  

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