Exile On Main Street by The Rolling Stones

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Exile on the Main Street


The Rolling Stones



Number of Discs


Track Listing

[Disc 1] 
1. Rocks Off 
2. Rip This Joint 
3. Shake Your Hips 
4. Casino Boogie 
5. Tumbling Dice 
6. Sweet Virginia 
7. Torn and Frayed 
8. Sweet Black Angel 
9. Loving Cup 
[Disc 2] 
1. Happy 
2. Turd on the Run 
3. Ventilator Blues 
4. I Just Want to See His Face 
5. Let It Loose 
6. All Down the Line 
7. Stop Breaking Down 
8. Shine a Light 
9. Soul Survivor 



Exile on main st.” is arguably one of the best Rock album ever made. Even though Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones did not like the whole Rock-N-Roll feel of the album when it was released but he recently cited that Exile on main st. is one of his favorite albums ever recorded. Even though this legendary album received mixed response from its critics, the ones who first claimed it to be average later understood the depth of it and released new reviews calling it one of the best albums recorded by The Rolling Stones.

Exile on main st.’s making itself has been quiet a journey for The Rolling Stones. With Mick Jagger conceptualizing the album in 1969, it got hit with a long delay as the whole band went broke and had to find solace in different places. Later in 1971 the band came together again in a makeshift studio in the basement of Keith Richards rented villa Nellcôte near Nice.

The songs were recorded were in an altogether different way compared to the previous two albums, as the band members were highly irregular. This resulted in Exile on main st. taking a huge amount of time to finish recording. This kind of worked out in the favour of The Rolling Stones. As some of the songs were recorded spontaneously as opposed to a planned ones. For example Keith Richards once went early to the studio only to find Bobby Keys and Jimmy Miller already there. They jammed all afternoon and that’s how they recorded one of their most sought after song, “Happy” which featured in almost all the concerts they did after Exile on main st. “Happy” also went on to feature in almost all the top charts around the world for weeks.

Exile on Main St is a gripping album from the very beginning and reveals something new to every individual with every subsequent listen. The way in which each song blends together with the other have set high standards by The Rolling Stones for all of hard rock.

The Rolling Stones became an instant favourite of all the rock enthusiasts around the world after Exile on main st. and rest is the history they have created. The album was later rereleased by Virgin Records and went on to create record-breaking sales. The original album then released on Vinyl records was later upgraded to a double album and the 2010 rereleased version also is a double album.

Exile on main st. has featured in almost all the ‘worlds greatest albums ever” lists that has ever been created. It has platinum and gold certifications in a lot of countries. Even though most of the sales of this album are of its vinyl LPs, it has also garnered a lot of demand in the digital medium as well. But a true fan of The Rolling Stones would always hail the vinyl record as the best medium to hear Exile on main st. on.

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