HTS 101 5.1


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Built-in quality: The Tannoy HTS101 combines Tannoy's legendary audio skill with discreet style. Although paying close attention to style, the HTS101 is first and foremost about sound quality. Take a look at the small satellite speakers and you'll see a build integrity that's rare at this level. First off are the cabinets. Rather than use plastic or metal, Tannoy use wood - just like their full size speakers. By using wood, the cabinets offer low resonance and therefore create a more accurate, less tinny sound.

Even tonality: The HTS101 use high quality drive units; Tannoy's titanium WideBand tweeters are already legendary for their incredible detail and smooth refinement. Teamed up with this super-tweeter are 75mm paper cones. These are ideal for mid-range material, such as vocals and, like the cabinets, offer a sound free from colouration and distortion. To ensure an even tonality right around the soundstage, the centre speaker uses two of the same drive units for enhanced dialogue reproduction.

Bass you can feel: Blending seamlessly with these quality satellite speakers is a similarly impressive subwoofer. The HTS101 subwoofer may be larger than average but it uses its bulk to good effect. The substantial housing, 100W amplifier and 200mm drive unit combine to give a powerful bass presence.

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