In Rainbows by Radiohead

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In Rainbows





Number of Discs


Track Listing

  1. 15 Step 
  2. Bodysnatchers 
  3. Nude 
  4. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi 
  5. All I Need 
  6. Faust Arp 
  7. Reckoner 
  8. House Of Cards 
  9. Jigsaw Falling Into Place 
  10. Videotape



The Bends by Radiohead is the band’s second album. Released in 1995 after the success of their debut album “Pablo Honey”. The Bends is dedicated to the late comedian Bill Hicks. The lyrics are written by Thom Yorke, the lead vocals of the band. The Bends shows the transition of the Radiohead’s music from self-angst to the greater good of the world in terms of content. Radiohead has been renowned for producing music that touched social and political issues in the albums that followed The Bends, but starting from some songs included in The Bends.

The Bends witnessed huge success for Radiohead in U.K as it stayed in high rankings on the charts for more than 100weeks. While its reception in U.S wasn’t as impressive, it had already made its mark in the entire Europe. Some European countries certified The Bends with multi-platinum certifications while U.S certified the album with Platinum certification. Even though the major chunk of sales were later acquired by CD sales, the major impact was made by the sales of its vinyl LPs.

The Bends even though wasn’t so successful during its year of release due to the lack of recognition, it has now been acclaimed around the globe as one of the best albums of music by various polls. In one of the polls it stood second best album in the history of music to “Revolver by Beatles”. Radiohead has through the years have garnered immense critical appreciation as well as place in the hearts of their fans for creating music that not only touched the people but was felt by them. Even today the sound of The Bends is best preferred to be heard over a vinyl record.

Vinyl LP of The Bends by Radiohead now available in India at The Revolver Club vinyl records store Mumbai. Buy a vinyl record online now. The Bends witnessed huge success for Radiohead in U.K.

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