The Revolver Club

Welcome to the Revolver Club India! Where an audiophile not only finds solace,but sanctuary as well. This website is the final stop for audiophiles along the path that pursues unadulterated access to the world of music. At The Revolver Club everything revolves around Hi-Fi audio. You can buy everything right from the vinyl LP's, to the accessories for turntables. We have Hi-fi premium audio systems that are comprised of amplifiers and speakers required for crisp high-fidelity audio for the true audiophile.We also deal in custom made furniture specially designed to house the whole setup including your home theatre system.

The Revolver Club deals in only the best and the most sought after premium audio systems brands from around the Globe. Some of the brands we feature deal exclusively with High Fidelity audio. We don’t just sell products of these brands, we are also their official distributors and dealers in India. Our list of brands that we are official distributors and dealers of in India include – Pro-Ject, Denon, Tannoy, Sonos and Olive one. Each brand has its own set of products that adds new dimensions to the experience of listening to Hi-Fi audio. Put the right combination together and you have a luxury audio system that once reproduces its anticipated Hi-Fi audio, will transcend a listener to an altogether different world.

True audiophiles will be well acquainted to analogue music. We believe music is forever and so is the purest form of its medium, ‘ vinyl records’. If vinyl LPs is what you seek, then vinyl LPs is what you will find here. The culture of listening to vinyl records became a lifestyle with its own dynamic, representing the longing for more emotional and better sound quality than digital playback could provide. It was only a matter of time before analogue audio enjoyed a revival in the audio market. To boost the revival of analogue audio, The Revolver Club has started the only vinyl records subscription in India with unique features. We call it ‘the stereo box’ which comprises of one 12” LP record and one cocktail recipe by Yale Vengroff. We will also be throwing in a surprise. In which... well it’s a surprise and it best be kept that way. With a wide range of Vinyl records on sale, vinyl LP enthusiasts in India have a good reason to be happy.

Yes, we love analogue audio at the Revolver Club, but there is no reason for the digital music aficionados to be disheartened. Our range of premium audio systems are ideal for listening to those lossless formats like FLAC that are arguably considered the best medium of digital audio around the world. We also have Hi-Fi audio headphones to offer for the audiophiles who want to take the music wherever they go. For the movie fanatics and home theatre system enthusiasts, we are offering world leading Denon amplifiers as well as Tannoy speakers. Denon amplifiers are renowned worldwide for more than a century for its high-fidelity audio reproduction. They are ideal for home theatre systems as it is solidly built and offers wide range of network features. It gives a superbly detailed and entertaining sound that will make your friends go gaga over. Our Tannoy speakers has remarkable sonic poise for a mid-sized speakers, plus solid build quality and a stylish design make it a chic addition to your living space. In today’s world of 24-bit/192kHz digital soundtracks, uncompressed fiestas of special effects and high-tech surround sound processing, Tannoy’s speakers have created state of the art technology to be distinguished worldwide as leaders in their class of Hi-Fi audio. Whatever your aspirations for music, movies, sport and multi-channel surround sound, Tannoy speakers can deliver to all your expectations.

Hi-fi audio enthusiasts around the globe are well acquainted to Pro-Ject Audio’s range of products. Pro-Ject are pioneers in the premium audio systems and Hi-Fi audio. We are the official dealers for the audiophiles from around the world’s favourite brand, “Pro-ject”. We have best in class turntables of “Pro-Ject” that cater to excited music enthusiasts as well as passionate audiophiles. Out best seller, the “Pro-Ject Elemental” has proved to be a suitable turntable for those who have recently shown interest in analogue audio. For those who are already into analogue audio and are looking for an upgrade, our Pro-Ject Debut series have proved to be the favourite. The Revolver Club has some of the best-selling products of Pro-Ject Audio. Just like we have a variety of Pro-Ject turntables, we also have variety of options of Pro-Ject Speakers and Pro-Ject amplifiers. And if you are looking for something on the go, then we also of the Hi-Fi Pro-Ject headphones designed especially for deft ears of audiophiles.

The Revolver Club loves technology as much as it loves analogue audio. Technology is not just for techies and tech geeks when it comes to Hi-Fi audio. We bring you the high-tech products from Sonos and Olive One. We have range of state of the art wireless Hi-Fi audio products from Sonos that can help you enjoy music wirelessly. Yes it connects to your smart phone and yes you can play songs on your old speakers from your smartphone by using Sonos products. Don’t forget to check out Sonos’s own range of speakers, each designed mutually independent yet collaborative with its own line. On the other hand we have Olive One Music Player that helps you store your songs, play them through Bluetooth and connect to multiple devices like home theatre system and your smart phone etc. It can also play songs from streaming services like Pandora and Spotify. Olive One Music Players come in two variations, a 500gb variant and a 1tb variant. The 1tb variant can store over 100,000 songs in lossless formats and over 250,000 mp3 songs which we believe is enough to suffice yours and your family’s list of songs of entire lifespan.

If you think this is enough, then we have just got started at the Revolver Club. With the appreciation and encouragement for our growing clientele, the Revolver Club is determined to bring more and more of the world of premium audio systems and Hi-Fi audio to India.