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Listening to Vinyl records wasn’t a trend or mere fad, it was and will always be a passion. Passion not just of listening to music but feeling it. A feeling you can’t experience when you just “listen to music”. Vinyl LPs are not for the ones who listen to music, it’s for those who feel the music. Not long ago one would find vinyl records mostly in a house of someone in music production or someone who has always been an audiophile. But now slowly the trends have changed, this is evident from this slow yet steady rise in the demand of Vinyl records around the globe. Even as physical record sales decline, people are buying more vinyl records than they have in decades. In 2013, sales increased 31-percent to about 6 million units. It's not a single-year bump either, sales have climbed year-over-year to 6 million from after having been at about a million in 2007. In India music always had and will have special place with great artists from the region people have high expectation from music quality and to fulfill that vinyl records India is way to go.

The large format vinyl LP feels more substantial and turns the design of the cover and the inserts into satisfying artworks in their own right in a way that a CD never could. There's something wonderfully interactive about putting on a vinyl record, listening to a side, and then flipping it over to hear the other side. It makes the listening experience something in which you are constantly physically and emotionally involved. It's social, and fun, a far cry from the passive aural experience of CDs or digital.

Vinyl records have always offered a more intimate experience. Some vinyl LPs can be fragile, yes, among other imperfections. But those end up being part of its charm. Imagine the feeling of playing your grandfather’s favourite vinyl record. The record immediately transcends you to nostalgia where you get to see him again, see the smile on his face cherishing the warm music being played from the vinyl record. There used to be a time when vinyl records used to top the list of “Ideas for a gift”. What can be better than gifting someone that is tangible and has more value, something than one can really assess, hold and feel. For those who have been lucky to have ever been gifted a vinyl record, these words make more than just sense. If you haven’t gifted anyone a vinyl record nor have been gifted to then think about it, what are you planning to gift your kids? A flash drive? The password to your Dropbox?

A vinyl record is tangible, artistic, original and beautiful. It’s been decades since the whole analogue vs digital audio started. Even now the debate is going on because no matter how much science proves that digital audio is better on paper, the true audiophiles don’t feel so. The sound reproduced on a vinyl record is often termed “warm”. Isn’t warm a feeling too? This is what vinyl LP does. It gives you a feeling of music instead of plain and accurate playing of music. Just the way warm pictures off some cameras look better than the pictures taken from high-end cameras giving the most accurate details. At the end of the day music is not about accuracy, it’s about the mis-en-scene that it provides to its listener.

There is a huge misconception that latest songs and albums are not released on vinyl LPs, but that’s not true. We at The Revolver Club have a range of latest vinyl LPs that come from some of the leading artists of today like The Black Keys, Coldplay, Green Day, Ed Sheeran, Daft Punk and various other artists. Vinyl records India is what we are looking a head too.

Keep no doubts in the availability of vinyl LPs at The Revolver Club of famous old bands and artists. We have albums of almost all the legendary bands including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones , Pink Floyd , Led Zeppelin, and artists like Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley, Micheal Jackson . . .the list is just endless. And yes we also have Vande Mataram and OST of Guru by the pride of India, A.R Rahman.