Record Store Day 2018 Limited Edition Poster

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Size: A2
Poster Designed by Sumit Roy

The idea was to imagine RTJ, and celebrate the record store day 2018. 
This was so much fun to make. Jude wanted to make sure that it had a "Bombay" vibe. I referenced one of Sudip Roy's artworks from his gramophone series as a backdrop as it perfectly aligned with the vibe of the record store. The subtle placement of the "nimbu-mirch" was something I just really wanted in the artwork. 
Jude was very excited about putting a house lizard in the artwork, because they rightfully own every house/shop in this country. The team had some exciting additions, and there we have it-Run the Jewels in Bombay. Happy LP shopping!

Sumit Roy
Alumnus of MSU Baroda, Sumit Roy's practice is firmly rooted in the mural tradition of the art school and its concerns with the local context. Yet, he reinvents this inherited aesthetic on his canvases in a language that is boldly inspired by global, mainstream popular culture. He speaks for a generation of urban cultural practitioners who grew up in the face of globalization and corporatization. The media landscape in India changed dramatically with the opening up of the economy, and the emergence of Star TV, and MTV, who in the early years appropriated entertainment from American media for an Indian audience. Confronting the reality of an industrialized nation while occupying the Indian context, Sumit Roy juxtaposes an aspirational visual universe and the cult of global stardom with quotidian sights and attitudes from his immediate locale. The same approach extends to his music, where he uses the subversive, trans-continental form of hip hop to articulate ongoing contemporary political anxieties in India. As an artist working with sound, text and image, he is able to tap into a range of sensibilities while defying them all.

Sudip Roy
Sudip Roy is an Indian artist, pursuing arts in the Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata. Works of Sudip Roy includes pencil sketches and water colours, charcoals and a heady series of landscape done in limped line drawing. Roy over the years mastered the art of watercolor and moved from landscapes to studies of architectural facades and association of people in historic temples and monuments. He moved to the capital city of Delhi in the mid 90’s.
His subjects remained architectural and figurative for most part of his life, until he shifted to moody momentousness. He started doing large abstracted works which reflected times of the day.

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