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Cinema 3 ESP V


Rs. 121,713.00 Was Rs. 139,900.00

E 305


Rs. 86,130.00 Was Rs. 99,000.00

HTS 101 5.1


Rs. 63,423.00 Was Rs. 72,900.00

HTS 201


Rs. 82,650.00 Was Rs. 95,000.00

Starlet 5.1


Rs. 52,113.00 Was Rs. 59,900.00

T 105


Rs. 91,350.00 Was Rs. 105,000.00

T 205


Rs. 121,800.00 Was Rs. 140,000.00

T 305


Rs. 130,500.00 Was Rs. 150,000.00

TFX 5.1


Rs. 43,413.00 Was Rs. 49,900.00

TL 1600

Polk Audio

Rs. 36,540.00 Was Rs. 42,000.00

Victa Prime 102 Center


Rs. 23,642.00 Was Rs. 27,175.00

Victa Prime 252 Sub


Rs. 65,350.00 Was Rs. 75,115.00

Victa Prime 702


Rs. 87,374.00 Was Rs. 100,430.00

Home Theater Speakers

Home Theatre System is more than just accessory to your Big LED television, it’s the heart to your system. The new age televisions bring crisp images alive in front of our eyes, but a true movie watching experience is incomplete without a home theater system that can pump the feel of the movie deep down into our veins.

The Revolver Club brings you some of the leading home theatre systems from around the world. The filmmakers around the world are spending millions of dollars on sound engineering and recording to bring true and real movie watching experience to their viewers. The scary clap of a ghost in a horror movie like “the Conjuring” to the window shattering action sequences of Bourne movies, watching a movie without good home theatre system leaves an incomplete feeling. The crisp sound of the dry leaves being quashed by a character’s walking in movie and the sound of a character breathing in a closeup adds to the over-all experience of a viewer. This is made possible with hi-fi and precise sound produced in such luxurious home theater systems now available on the shelf at The Revolver Club.

Home theatre speakers which forms an essential part of Hi-Fi home theatre system are a must have if you want a cinema like experience if you are watching a movie or the feel of a music concert if you are listening to some choicest and you most favourite of the Hi-FI audios!. At The Revolver Club we provide you with best of the Hi-Fi home theatre speakers available with very few dealers pan India. We have created a niche in the Indian market for luxury audio systems. We have much more to offer to our genuine customers than a regular record store.

Tannoy Mercury V4I, a luxury audio system of one of its kind, is a spectacular and elegant floor standing loudspeaker capable of inducing life in even the least interested person sitting around, with a distinctive articulate sound quality. Its wide band tweeter which extends treble till over 53kHz, gives a broadened sound stage of Hi-Fi audio and more specific expression of instruments. It provides the listeners a greater speed which is not usually found in budget floor Hi-Fi loudspeakers. Moreover it is designed in a way to provide an even greater stability while performing, emanating punchier, precise and crisps sound notes. It is an extremely distinguished two channel stereo home theatre speaker for larger rooms, apart from adding the delicate look to the house hold interiors. Tannoy is one of the oldest and most prestigious Hi-Fi audio brands in the world, having been founded as the Tulsemere Manufacturing Company back in 1926.

Want to bring the Inox or PVR home? Then you must surely go in for our HiFi TFX 5.1 home theatre speakers comprising of four TFX satellite speakers, a TFX central speaker and a TFX subwoofer. The TFX 5.1 are the latest development in the wideband technology, consisting of a tweeter which extends treble up to 70kHz! The HiFi TFX home theatre speakers are able to give an unbelievable cinema like experience sitting at home with its H-Fi audio system.A passionate person who’s an avid movie watcher can probably also be an audiophile. Connect your home theatre system to your turntable and enjoy your favorite vinyl records with the true hi-fi audiophile quality sound reproduction.These speakers prove to be brilliant for hearing some nice vinyl records over turntables. One can surely have a rendezvous with one’s own self or with old friends over a brilliant breezy evening. If you feeling way too lazy, but feel like chilling in the comfort of four walls of home, feel like having your friends around, but don’t want to step out, call in your best pals home, enjoy this theatre like cinematic experience through these indigenously designed V4I/TFX 5.1 HiFi home theatre speakers over a movie and become the reason for making everyone’s day for sure.