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Home theatre speakers form an essential part of the home theatre system. These Hi-Fi home theatre systems are a must have if you want a cinema like experience. So whether you are watching a movie, enjoy the feel of a music concert,  or are listening to some of the choicest tunes of your most favourite audios – it’s the right home theatre system that can make all the difference in the world!

At the Revolver Club we provide you with the best of Hi-Fi home theatre speakers that are available with very few dealers pan India. We have created a niche in the Indian market for luxury audio systems. With Hi-Fi audio systems becoming the demand of the day, we  have ensured that we have much more to offer to our loyal customers than a regular record store.

Tannoy Mercury V4I, a luxury audio system is one of its kind, and is a spectacular and elegant floor standing loudspeaker capable of inducing life in even the most disinterested person sitting around. With a distinctive and articulate sound quality, it can truly amp up the ambiance. Its wideband tweeter which extends treble till over 53kHz, gives a broadened soundstage and more specific expression of instruments. It provides the listeners a greater speed which is not usually found in budget floor loudspeakers. Instead, this Hi-Fi audio system is designed to provide even greater stability while performing, emanating punchier, precise and crisper sound notes. Emanating an ethereal harmony, it is an extremely distinguished two channel stereo home theatre speaker for larger rooms. Apart from adding the delicate look to the house hold interiors, it creates the atmosphere to make it home.  Tannoy is one of the oldest and most prestigious audio brands in the world, having been founded as the Tulsemere Manufacturing Company back in 1926.

So if you want to bring the Inox or PVR home, then there are a few options to select from. For one, you must surely invest in our TFX 5.1 Hi-Fi home theatre speakers comprising of four TFX satellite speakers, a TFX central speaker and a TFX subwoofer. The TFX 5.1 are the latest development in the wideband technology, consisting of a tweeter which extends treble up to 70kHz! The TFX home theatre speakers are able to give an unbelievable cinema like experience, all while sitting at home.

These speakers have proven to be brilliant in terms of the quality of service and longevity. So whether you’re looking forward to hearing some nice vinyl records over the turntables or simply want to kick back with a calming tunes, this is the choice for you. With this, one can surely have a rendezvous with one’s own self or enjoy a glass of wine with old friends over a brilliant breezy evening. If you are looking to transform your home into a retreat of comfort or feel like having your friends around, but don’t want to step out, call your best pals over to your house, these speakers have you covered. Capable of transforming any room into a theatre-like cinematic experience through these ingeniously designed V4I/TFX 5.1 home theatre systems over a movie and will become the absolute highlight of everyone’s day for sure.

Unlike most other home theatre systems, these have a transformative effect on their surroundings. Armed with the latest technology, the home theatre speakers are meant to deliver high fidelity audio that leaves a lasting impact upon the audience. So if you’re on the lookout for one of the best Hi-Fi home theatre speakers that deliver quality in every note, this has to be it.

And if you feel unsure, simply give it a listen and decide for yourself. Armed with technological ingeniosity and designed with a passion for audio, they have already gathered a following of their own.